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The Scherzo Foundation was created by the Scherzo family in 1952. It is now managed by the current family, Fabrice, Giulia, and Lorenzo da Scherzo, from their castle home set in the mountainous region between the Swiss Italian borders. The family travels tirelessly over the World, and has homes and galleries in Bognor Regis, Shanghai, Peru, Conakry New Guinea, New Orleans, New York, Miami, the Arab Emirates, and Norway.


The aim of the Foundation is to create a philanthropic Institution that enhances the Arts by acquiring and donating cutting edge pieces by emerging artists to many Galleries and Museums. The Scherzo Foundation also encourages Intellectual ideas and Free thinking.


The Scherzo Foundation funds International artists' forums, Residencies, and Publications. Jo Fluffy Lamb, Emma Carlow, and Isabel X Smith have just returned from three seminal International Art Residencies, information of these can be seen here.


Their Show, All being Well, has been exhibited at many destinations worldwide, to great critical acclaim, and most of the work has been acquired by top Galleries, and Collectors.


Some highly collectible items of merchandise were available in Lewes for a limited period in November/December, 2022.

A further opportunity to get involved is available this Christmas. Find more information

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