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Fluffy came to life around 2006.  He was an affectionate sideswipe at my late partner’s interest in Joseph Beuys and the utter seriousness of Beuys’ performance piece explaining art to a dead hare.

Fluffy continues to engage. At the start of Covid, when we were all locked down and everything was odd and scary, Fluffy became a useful displacement activity. I created the Isolation Diaries series featuring my imaginary adventures with him to pass the time. As a character he always likes to have the last word, demanding to know “what’s wrong with a stiff upper lip,” or claiming that there’s "nothing wrong with an imaginary friend". 

I was coming home after a private view one night, having not sold a painting, and Claire Meiklejohn sent a message asking if Fluffy would like a show in her gallery. We were delighted to oblige. Claire created a  large vinyl rabbit entering the gallery and the show almost sold out despite the challenges of Covid lockdowns. 

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