23 Sep

Come to my Autumn show in Arundel

The show will run 3-24 October at the Project Gallery in Arundel.

My paintings for this Show are an adult take on fairytales, and creating the work has been an opportunity to revisit narrative painting. The work often focuses on the relationships between protagonists and the sometimes complicit understanding between victim and perpetrator. The compositions combine and contrast innocence with desire and purity with danger, an underlying edge which I have enjoyed painting. I often went back to thinking about Velasquez, the Renaissance and Indian painting where visual clues are more or less recognizable.

I have known Chris Milton for many years and have always admired his work. We discussed back last January that this Show would be loosely based on stories, myths and legends. It’s been great fun and I hope that the theme has helped me channel a little of my inner wildness to match Chris’s exuberant style.

You can read my artist’s statement for the show here.